Data warehousing

When it comes to ingesting and storing large amounts of data in a safe and secure manner, we partner with Amazon Data Warehousing services or Microsoft Cloud. This service pairs well with our analytics service that can take that data and turn it into information. We will take care of collecting the data and give you easy to understand graphs, charts and reports in both digital print and interactive form that you can manipulate. You will be able to save time and make quick business decisions.

Decision Support Analytics

Most consultancies will give you the tools to query and search for data. We go one step further and do in-office hands on training, help you establish business workflows that your staff can use on a daily basis, provide in-office support staff so that you never need to pick up the phone or send us email. On top of all this we provide post-project hand holding to ensure that you are not left with systems whose full potential is not used.

We have found that in most cases where staff abandon or stop using a system, it is because there was no hand holding agreement where a good percentage of the staff know how to use a good percentage of the features a system has to offer.

Cloud Based Software Development

According to a study by the International Data Group, 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another, and 18% say they plan to implement cloud-computing solutions at some point.

Hosting your software in the cloud has various advantages; here are some:

  • Security – let the security experts handle your security needs.
  • Cost efficient use of computing resources – the cloud adjusts to needs as needs change.
  • Disaster recovery – you do not need to worry about loss of data.
  • Compliance – the cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance standards for data handling.
  • Automatic software updates – you can be assured that you are using the most stable software releases.
Software to Device Integration

We have found that in every work environment there is a need for software to talk to devices. In most cases this is done manually and automation is usually an afterthought. Integration is one of ESi’s specialties. We create bridges between software and the hardware devices in your office and provide a path towards true office automation. This includes integrating old or legacy systems with newer, more modern systems. In some of our projects we have even created custom apps (Android and iOS) in order to link staff’s work phones and business devices in order to support smoother business workflow.